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Support Our Youth Through The RYSE Center

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 1.31.44 PMYou’re invited to the RYSE Listening Campaign Share Out on Tuesday, November 12th from 10am-12:30pm. Lunch is provided and a RSVP is required to attend. RYSE’s Listening Campaign is an inquiry process with young people from Richmond and West Contra Costa that engages them to share their experiences of trauma, violence, coping, and healing. It is a localized data collection effort, the first of its kind here, and one of few in the country, that is grounded in a trauma-informed framework, designed to enliven action, leadership, and advocacy.

The ultimate aim of the Listening Campaign is to understand with more sensitivity, clarity, and empathy the lived experiences of young people burdened with trauma exposure, marginalization, and histories of oppression. We are committed to acting on the needs and insights that young people share through this Campaign to inform more effective and empathetic supports, services, and systems equipped to respond to and address the experiences, impact, and root causes of trauma and violence.

The Share-Out will present findings to date (which includes insights from over 400 young people) and the next steps of youth-led inquiry, and will facilitate interactive reflection and consideration of the implications, opportunities, and next steps for our individual, organizational, and collective work.

We look forward to the conversation and growing the community of Listening Campaigners!

Respond to by Thursday, November 7th. Be sure to include your name, agency, and email address. For more information, contact Kanwarpal Dhaliwal, Community Health Director at the RYSE Center at 510-374-3401 or 510-579-1922, or email

RYSE is pleased to host the Share Out in partnership with Healthy Richmond Initiative and with Contra Costa Behavioral Health Services, Mental Health Services Act/Prevention and Early Intervention Programs.


RYSE creates safe spaces grounded in social justice that build youth power for young people to love, learn, educate, heal and transform lives and communities. Support West Contra County youth and donate to the RYSE Center here. Learn more at

It is our extreme honor and privilege to share with you “Street Literature.”

Young artists from Richmond, CA have something to say and the RYSE Youth Center provides support in elevating youth voices in meaningful ways. Street Literature is the result of young folks coming together to share the impact that the deaths of individuals such as Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin, and Israel Hernandez have had on them. Tired of being ignored, silenced, judged, and criminalized, these youth decided to voice their thoughts on how they are viewed and treated in our larger society. Using hip-hop music as a tool for self expression, these young artists have demonstrated the courage to speak their minds, to make the world see them for who they really are, and to emerge as young leaders in the effort to transform both their own community and communities like Richmond, CA around the world.

Available for sale on iTunes:

Kai Jewel$, Peeps, Young D, DonBlak, Black Geisha, Simply Nicole

Gemikia Henderson (Director / Camera), Chito Floriano (Editor / Camera), Mark Oltmanns (Co-editor / Camera), Xavier “Da KiDD AOB” Polk (Mixed & Mastered), M.A. Da Pilot (Producer)

Special thanks to the RYSE Center ( #RyseStreetLit

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