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Test Ferry Ride from Richmond to SF promises a swift, gorgeous commute.

We are pleased to share Richmond Standard’s exciting article

The proposed site of a ferry terminal that would connect commuters to San Francisco's ferry terminal.

The proposed site of a ferry terminal that would connect commuters to San Francisco’s ferry terminal.

A test trip on a high-speed ferry boat from San Francisco to Richmond, where a ferry terminal is being planned, took about 25 minutes in each direction, according to City Manager Bill Lindsay.

Last Tuesday, Lindsay and Capital Improvements Project Manager Chad Smalley went on the test run with members of the Water Emergency Transit Authority. They boarded a 350-passenger high speed ferry at the ferry terminal in San Francisco and went at top speed – 35 mph – toward Richmond.

The ferry traveled “past Angel Island, Terminal 1, Brickyard Cove, and the Port of Richmond to Sheridan Point, adjacent to the Ford Assembly Building where Harbour Way meets San Francisco Bay,” Lindsay said.

Lindsay described the trip as “perhaps the most enjoyable commute experience anyone could have,” calling the ride smooth and picturesque.

A main reason for the excursion was to get a sense of the travel time, which will guide planners in the type of ferry boat that will need to be purchased for the Richmond to San Francisco commute and other matters such as scheduling, crew needs and cost of service, Lindsay said.

For more information about plans for a new ferry terminal, visit the official project page.

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