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Richmond, we need YOUR help to make this a secure car summer! Recently the city has been experiencing a spike in car thefts and break ins. Summer time is a major time for car related crime. You can help!
1. Check out our animated #prevention message, and share it and this post with at least #five of your Richmond friends and neighbors. Watch ME!
2. Please use the animated video attached and any combination of the information below to spread the word about auto theft protection this summer. If you could repost it in your own blogs, and online groups dealing with Richmond, it would be awesome! Fun reminder video for adults and kids alike.
3. Lock your car, remove all valuables from it, and use your anti-theft device.
4. Got a picture of how you secure your car? Send it to and we may feature you as the #safesummer winner of the week on social media!
We ask you to use the hashtags #securecarsummer #gorichmond #watchme #rpdcrimeprevention


Your RPD Crime Prevention Team
In partnership with The Richmond Chamber of Commerce

Article shared from TOM BUTT’S E-FORUM

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