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Richmond Chamber Supports Measure J

YES on J

Save Our Community Hospital, Doctors Medical Center

The Richmond Chamber is proud to support Measure J. We encourage you to vote YES to save our community hospital, Doctors Medical Center.

When seconds count, we need a first-rate Emergency Room and we need it close by. Here in West County, Doctors Medical Center is the only hospital and full-service Emergency Room that serves everyone.

That’s why it’s critical that we vote Yes on Measure J – to keep Doctors Medical Center and our local Emergency Room open.

Doctors Medical Center has been there for us when we needed it. But the state government has slashed funding for our hospital, so now it needs our help. We must work together to generate our own local, sustainable revenue to keep Doctors Medical Center open.

Doctors Medical Center provides critical services we depend on, including:

  • West County’s only rapid response team for heart attacks and cardiac care;
  • Women’s health services, including early detection of breast cancer;
  • Skilled nursing and other services for seniors;
  • Respiratory care in the event of an industrial accident;
  • Full range of cancer treatments; and much more.

Every dollar raised by Measure J will stay right here in our community to provide vital health care services for our residents. The funds raised by this Measure will only be used to keep the hospital open and if the hospital closes, the tax will automatically expire.

Help us keep Doctors Medical Center and its Emergency Room open. Vote YES on Measure J by Mail before November 15th. Download the voting form here and mail to 125 Park Place Suite 200, Richmond, CA 94801.

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