There was so much excitement about the future of our Chamber, and we intend to deliver every promise we made. Here are details of our strategic plan to help our members’ businesses grow and strengthen the Chamber’s influence in the city.
New Monthly E-mail Newsletter Will Begin in AprilBeginning in April, we will consolidate the multiple e-mails we send each month into one monthly newsleter, reducing the number of e-mails you get while increasing the value of the content. The newsletter will not only continue to inform you of events and announcements but also will contain informative articles that will help you grow your business.  All member e-mail blasts will now be included in the newsletter. If you want to send out an email blast and timing is important, remember to contact us in time to prepare your content. The newsletter will go out at the beginning of each month.
If you would like to write an article or promote your business, please call us at (510) 234-3512 or e-mail
Breakfasts Will Be Free and Quarterly
For some time, our monthly breakfast meetings have drawn few members. To make them easier for busy schedules, they will be held once a quarter, and they will be free to members. The breakfasts will highlight our members as well as give quarterly reports on what’s happening in our city. Our next breakfast meeting will be May 25th at 7:30 a.m. at the Richmond Marriott Hotel.
Luncheon Meeting Will Launch April 6th
We will be launching our Luncheon for Professional Business Leaders.  Our first luncheon will be with a special guest who will share their secrets for using social media to grow your business. The luncheon will feature a valuable topic each month.  Please stay tune for more information.
Popping Podcast
Information is key to success. In April we will launch our own Chamber Podcast.  We will be interviewing city official and local business owners to provide important information as well as strategy for business growth.  Podcast will be every other week starting in April.


Evening Mixers to Be Revitalized
We are revamping our mixers, or as we call them now, “re-mixers.” They will be livened up with a DJ and a special event to make them the central gathering for everyone doing business in Richmond. We have raised the fee from $5 to $10 for members, nd the fee includes one free drink. The next re-mixer is at Hotel Mac on March 10th from 5 to 7 p.m. We have something really special lined up!
Website to Be Rebuilt
We are currently hard at work to rebuild our website from ground up. Just a few of the exciting changes:
 Non-profits to be featured: We will list all nonprofits in the Richmond area and make it easy for anyone to donate directly from our website. To submit your nonprofit for our website, please contact
  • New membership profiles to improve search rankings: After your profile is created, you can add details, and we will be hiring an search-engine optimization marketing specialist to improve your ranking in web searches.
  • Video and photo blogs to attract attention: At the breakfast we showed a four-minute video we made for Kaleidoscope Café. Once we posted the it on our Facebook page, we had more than 3,000 people view the video in one week. You can watch it at If you are a power networking level member or higher, you have a choice of video or photo blog to be created and featured at our website for free.
  • Calendar to be expanded: We want the Chamber website to be the place to go for what’s happening in Richmond. If you want to post your events, please contact
Loyalty Club Members to Get More Benefits
We will be offerings loyalty members special offers to get more benefits for being an active member. If  you attend 10 mixers in a year or refer a business to our Chamber, you will receive a free ticket when we host the Richmond Chamber foundation banquet on a Hornblower cuise.
Richmond Chamber Foundation to Help Low-Income Families
The Richmond Chamber Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that raises money to help low-income families start a business in Richmond. When you become a member, you are giving back to our community.
In Conclusion
We am here to serve you, and we are available to meet any and all our members. Let’s meet or talk on the phone and see how your Chamber membership can bring even more value to your business. If you want to set up an appointment, please call our office at (510) 234-3512.