You have options when it comes to advertising and promoting your business through the Richmond Chamber. Take advantage of Business-to-Business advertising as well as Business-to-Consumer advertising with the options below. Get the best bang for your buck here!

Some of these advertising options are included in your benefit package. Please review your benefits to see which of these is offered to your business absolutely free!



Every quarter the Chamber offers all of their members the opportunity to place their business ad on the Chamber website with a direct link back to your own business’ website or Traffic Catcher page. These Popular Banner Ads will appear on popular page of the Richmond Chamber website such as the Calendar of Events page, Member Directory page, and within the Member Online Area page, and will randomly rotate between ads as the page is refreshed.

The Richmond Chamber website received anywhere from 50-100 visitors per day and those visitors browse, on average, for over 3 minutes each! That’s quite a bit of time for your ad to be displayed.

Cost and Run Time: Each ad will run for three months (quarter). This advertising is already included in the benefit packages of the President’s Circle, Executive, and Sponsoring Levels at no extra cost. For those members at any other level, ad space can be purchased for only $300. At a run time of three months, that’s only $100 per month!

Submit Your Ad Design: Your ad design and payment must be received by the 15th of the month prior to the beginning of the next quarter.

Q1: January – March (Ad design and payment due December 15th)
Q2: April – June (Ad design and payment due March 15th)
Q3: July – September (Ad design and payment due June 15th)
Q4: October – December (Ad design and payment due September 15th



TLF-new-logo-web-200One of the advertising benefits of being at the Promoting Business Level and above is to take part in our Think Local First! email campaign. This campaign features only one email per day, featuring only one member’s advertisement, sent out to over 5,000 emails including our members, local business owners, and local residents. Your business can send up to SIX (Power Networking Level and above) and TWO (Promoting Business Level) of these emails every year of membership! Be sure to use your emails during your membership year.

This advertising is available to all our members, but only included as a free benefit for the Promoting Business Level and above. If you are at the Sustaining Level and want to take advantage of this advertising, you can sent a Think Local First! email for $100 per send. Contact us at least two weeks in advance to reserve your email days. Remember, we only send one per day, so the days fill up fast. Contact us today!



Sending out a promotional mailing? Why not add the Richmond Chamber Members to that list for free. Although we do not give this list out electronically, we can provide you with a set of printed mailing labels that would add approximately 700 more contacts to your promotional pieces being mailed. This benefit is not available to members at the Sustaining Level. Please request the labels at least 48 hours in advance. Request by calling the office at 510-234-3512 or sending an email.



As you know, the Chamber puts on many networking events throughout the year in order to provide opportunities for our members to meet one another and show their business’ potential, face-to-face. We, at the Chamber, firmly believe that when you are involved and present at networking events, your business will become more recognized in the community and will positively benefit from that.

Some of the annual events and sponsorship opportunities include the Annual Fundraiser, Super Mixer, Business Expo, Economic Summit and USO Dance/Home Front Festival. By sponsoring one or more of these events, your business will receive various levels of promotion as a result. Some sponsor levels include recognition in local and county-wide news and press, getting your logo on all the marketing materials, banners and signs, and receiving free tables or tickets at the event. These are only some of the benefits available and will vary depending on the event and level of sponsorship.

Be sure to double check your membership level benefits to see what sponsorship opportunities may be included in your membership benefit package. If you have questions or need more information on the current available sponsorship opportunities, contact us today.