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Photo of West County Wastewater District

West County Wastewater District

Contact: E.J. Shalaby
Other 2910 Hilltop Drive Richmond Other CA 94806 Work Phone: 510-222-6700 Website: http://wcwd.govoffice3.com



WCWD Mission Statement

WCWD Mission Statement

WCWD’s Mission Statement drives all activities of the District.  It is intended to be constant over time, but it is reviewed annually.

 We protect public health and San Francisco Bay by providing our communities with wastewater collection and treatment for reuse or disposal in an environmentally responsible, efficient and reliable manner.

The District’s Core Values serve as a guidepost and framework for consistent decision making when the District is faced with options and alternatives. They are intended to be constant over the long term. The questions below embody WCWD’s Core Values for decision making:

  • Is it cost-efficient, practical and responsible?
  • Does it support our commitment to maintenance of our plant and collection infrastructure?
  • Does it support our responsibility to be regional leaders?
  • Is it responsive to our customers?
  • Does it support our employees to be safe, productive and motivated?
  • Does it protect public health and the environment and support regulatory compliance?

WCWD’s Vision Statement creates and drives strategy and tactics identified in the District’s Strategic Plan and is reviewed annually.  It typically changes more frequently than the Mission Statement, to reflect the direction in which the Board wants to take the District over a five-year time horizon of the Strategic Plan. Through its Vision Statement, WCWD seeks to achieve the following:

  • A sustainable fee and rate structure that adequately meets the District’s needs.
  • A continued commitment to fiscal responsibility.
  • A continued preventive maintenance focus.
  • Sufficient resources to support both compliance and work efficiency requirements.
  • A strong and stable relationship with employees.
  • A strong and enduring relationship with WCWD’s General Manager.
  • Ongoing support of regional partnerships.
  • Strong support of emerging technologies to foster efficient services, good customer care and community outreach.