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Photo of The Sociocracy Consulting Group LLC

The Sociocracy Consulting Group LLC

Contact: Sheella Mierson
Home 36 Bayside Court Richmond CA 94804 Work Phone: 510-236-2284 Website: http://sociocracyconsulting.com/


Come learn how a groundbreaking new way to run organizations and meetings can help your
business have more effective, enjoyable meetings; free up individual creativity and initiative;
and streamline decision-making. Sociocracy (also known as dynamic governance) is a method
of decision-making and governance where people at all organizational levels make policy
decisions that govern their own work, and communication flows bottom-up as well as topdown.
Efficiency of decision-making and implementation are built in, with clear lines of
accountability. A key innovation of the method, which is practiced worldwide by for-profit and
nonprofit organizations, is its structural approach to improving communication and decisionmaking.
The method fosters employee/member engagement, a culture of ownership, and an
agile organization.
The mini-workshop will provide
 an overview of the method
 experiential exercises in its governance structure and a unique process to people
for roles
 discussion of how you can apply what you learn in your organization.