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Photo of St. Davids School

St. Davids School

Contact: Brian Swanson
Other 871 Sonoma Street Richmond Other CA 94805 Work Phone: 510-232-2283 Website: http://www.sdsw.org/podium/default.aspx?t=135496


More than 2,300 years ago Aristotle wrote, “In modern times there are opposing views about the practice of education. There is no general agreement about what the young should learn either in relation to virtue or in relation to the best life; nor is it clear whether their education ought to be directed more towards the intellect than towards the character of the soul.”

And so, the debate continues.

As an independent PK-12 Episcopal school, St. David’s mission is to “prepare young men and women for college and life by providing challenging opportunities to excel in the vital areas of faith, virtue and knowledge.” We know the value of a college preparatory program and understand that a school must offer a measured balance between academic rigor and character education. But I believe the proper balance can only be achieved if the school employs teachers who can inspire.

It has been said that a poor teacher tells, a good teacher explains, an outstanding teacher shows, but the great teacher inspires. If a teacher can ignite in his or her students a genuine love of learning as well as an understanding of the great truths of life, those students have the potential to achieve some form of greatness — not only for “self” but for others who will benefit from their intellect, abilities and example.

In my more than 25 years in the business of Christian schooling, I have also come to know and appreciate the value of integrating the tenets of our faith with the core subjects we teach. I have witnessed the power of shaping character in and out of the classroom. The mentoring relationships between teacher and student, coach and athlete, director and actor or musician on the stage are vital if a school is to achieve excellence in the various disciplines it offers. In short, great teachers are like great gardeners who prune, cultivate and water the vine. They know their work requires patience and attention to the smallest detail. But they also know that discipline and careful pruning, while difficult at times, will produce lasting fruit.

At St. David’s School, we strive to inspire, challenge and motivate students to find their respective passions, and furnish them with the structure, framework, facilities and faculty who can provide the nurture, training and discipline that will enable them to be successful.

We welcome you to explore how we endeavor to “make every effort to add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge” (2 Peter 1:5). In doing so, we trust that your family will discover what makes the St. David’s community worthy of your consideration.