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Photo of Richmond Tennis Association

Richmond Tennis Association

Contact: Maryn Hurlbut
Other P.O. Box 70902 Richmond Work Phone: 510-237-6880 Website: http://www.richmondtennis.org



The mission of the Richmond Tennis Association is to improve the healthy lifestyles for Richmond residents of all ages through active participation in vigorous tennis programs along with enhanced facilities and adjacent parks.

Core Values:

Core values are the guiding principles that guide behavior and actions. Core values underlie RTA’s work, how it interacts with its members and the community at large, and the strategies followed to fulfill its mission.

In carrying out its mission, RTA is committed to practicing and promoting

·       Fun and self esteem

·       Good sportsmanship

·       Respectful competition

·       Fellowship among teammates and competitors

·       Cooperation among the tennis community

·       Integrity in words and deeds

·       Ethical, honorable behavior


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Richmond Tennis Association – Richmond, CA

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