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Entrepreneur & Small Business Academy

Website: https://www.meetup.com/academy/about/


The Academy is sponsored by Tactical Execution. Visit the Tactical Execution website for more information or connect with us on Facebook. Follow Patrick Schwerdtfeger on Twitter. Connect with the group on LinkedIn.

OUR MISSION: To provide an educational forum for local entrepreneurs to share contacts & expertise.

The Entrepreneur & Small Business Academy provides a structured forum where entrepreneurs and small business owners can share experiences, resources and expertise. Each meeting has a predetermined topic about either innovative marketing or small business logistics. Sales pitches are strongly discouraged and every effort is made to ensure meetings are valuable for members.

Marketing and revenue generation are a major focus. Getting the word out is difficult – no question. There’s so much marketing out there that your message carries less weight than ever. But there’s also a number of things you can do to increase your level of exposure. Indeed, there ARE still things that work and it’s usually a creative, multi-faceted and persistent approach that wins out in the end.

Every marketing campaign has a cost and you have to spend that money long before you ever know if it will work or not. So what do you spend your money on? Which campaign do you start first? And how much cash do you have backing you up? These are the questions we address in our meetings.

Nobody can guarantee success. But the Entrepreneur & Small Business Academy takes a serious and budget-driven look at the various options available in today’s increasingly online world. The group also encourages participants to share their own experiences with past campaigns, all designed to maximize the tangible benefits received by everybody.