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Photo of Early Childhood Mental Health Program

Early Childhood Mental Health Program

Contact: Tiffany Straus
Other 200 24th Street Richmond Ca 94804 Other CA 94805 Work Phone: 510-412-9200 Website: http://ecmhp.org


Our trained and licensed social workers, family therapists, psychologists, and preschool teachers fulfill this mission through an array of services. But regardless of the manner in which we work, our goal remains the same: to strengthen, support, and nurture families struggling with issues that can accompany poverty, lack of education, substance abuse, and other life stressors.

Neglect, abuse, exposure to drugs—these and other traumas can not only stunt emotional development but can physically alter the structure of a child’s brain. (Learn more.) Healthy brain development in the first two years of life is the foundation for mental health in the years that follow. Prevention and early intervention, therefore, can positively direct the path that leads to adulthood.

The Early Childhood Mental Health Program has been making a difference in the lives of young children and their families for nearly four decades. Our mission is: