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Invest in Richmond Business

Article by Gisela Hernandez, Richmond Chamber Board of Directors Chair, 2011. RCOC Quarterly Newsletter, Spring 2011.

It is no secret that times are hard everywhere. The past couple of years have been challenging for families and businesses across the country, and this is undoubtedly the case in our community. With Richmond’s unprecedented 18% unemployment, the need for the Richmond Chamber of Commerce to continue advocating and supporting business growth and economic development is essential. I know that leaders in Richmond are determined to make our city a better place to live. And it is just as important that we work together to ensure that Richmond is also a good city to do business in. For this reason, the Chamber continues to be engaged with city staff, elected representatives and other community stakeholders to represent the interest of the more than 300 members of the Chamber and ultimately the overall business community. We want those doing business in Richmond to be successful and prospective businesses to want to come to Richmond because the city and its residents welcome them.

I invite members of the chamber, prospective members, and anyone else poised to bring jobs to Richmond to get involved. Join the Richmond Chamber of Commerce in its work to make Richmond the city of choice for companies and a wonderful community to live and work in. I thank our members for their investment in the Richmond Chamber of Commerce. Membership keeps the Chamber strong and able to continue its work to strengthen Richmond.

Read more on the direction of the Richmond Chamber on our Quarterly Newsletter, Spring 2011 edition.

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