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Help Stop the Planning Commission’s Attack on Richmond Business

What’s happened?

On January 17, the city of Richmond City Council will consider amendments to the General Plan update proposed by Planning Commission (see Resolution linked below).  The proposed amendments, provided by Oakland-based Communities for a Better Environment (CBE), were passed by Planning Commission on November 3, 2011 with no public notice, review or comment.  The proposed amendments, if adopted, are very harmful to economic development and jobs.

What’s the concern?

Richmond cannot afford to adopt public policy that stops or discourages new businesses and other enterprises from locating in Richmond, or encourages existing businesses to leave.  Most importantly, the lack of transparency for passage of the proposed amendments undermines a multi-year public review process for the General Plan.

They duplicate existing complex and highly technical air regulation programs and regulation that already exist at the Federal, State and Regional levels. Local planning and zoning ordinances should not be used to overlap and conflict with such schemes, especially where the City lacks the essential technical expertise and resources.

These measures will cause existing and potential new businesses in Richmond to defer or void any new investment and development, at a time when jobs and tax revenues from smart growth are sorely needed.  These proposed amendments are adverse to Businesses in Richmond.

What can you do?

First, please carefully review the proposed changes outlined in the resolution linked below.

Second, call and ask City Council members to support a General Plan that does not include the Planning Commission’s proposed amendments.

Finally, send the same request and any other comments to Mr. Richard Mitchell, Richmond Building and Planning Director, at email address  Richard Please email a copy to the Richmond Chamber of Commerce for incorporation into the business coalition comments.

For additional information please contact Judy Morgan by email or call (510) 234-3512.

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