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Gardeners’ Guild Helps Grow Our Volunteer Crop

wcc-logoArticle by WriterCoach Connection – July 13, 2013. See the original article here.

Once again the Richmond business community and the Richmond Chamber of Commerce have stepped up to support Richmond students.

The greater Richmond community has been highly responsive to our call for volunteers to offer one-on-one writer coaching to students at Richmond High. The Richmond Chamber of Commerce has been instrumental in that effort through their Think Local First ad campaigns, which are vital to our success. The creative and collaborative thinking of Chris Phipps, Office Manager Extraordinaire at the Richmond Chamber, recently led us into a new relationship of support with one of the Chamber members, Gardeners’ Guild, Inc.

With the donation of one of their Think Local First ads to our recruitment campaign, Gardener’s Guild has increased the visibility of our volunteer opportunity to thousands of community members. We are deeply grateful for such generosity and know that it will translate into many hours of individual attention from caring coaches for Richmond High students. When the businesses in a community step in to support our youth, we can achieve a great deal together.


Thank you, Gardeners’ Guild!
Shelli Fried, Richmond Volunteer Coordinator

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