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Enjoy a Day at Kaleidoscope Coffee

Whimsical, studious, invigorating. There are many adjectives to describe an experience at Kaleidoscope Coffee, Richmond’s newest neighborhood business located at 109 Park Place in the quaint downtown triangle of Point Richmond. With its plethora of coffee, baked goods, nightly public events, and it’s wondrous open study space;  Kaleidoscope Coffee provides customers the flexibility to mold their experience unique to them. Whether its treating the senses to a smoky mocha and a warm brioche, or committing to complete your work at a table, this café believes in pleasant multiplicity. This is the philosophy of Cassie Cushing, owner and visionary behind Kaleidoscope Coffee.

“You can take a kaleidoscope, and when you look through it, wherever you point it at- just from spinning mirrors gets refracted into these beautiful shards of color, light, and beauty- and coffee can be like that. It is just a moment, but it can be a really good moment that reminds you to pause,” says Cushing.

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Coffee at Kaleidoscope is at the center. Provided by Wrecking Ball in San Francisco, the coffee is sustainably sourced and production conscious in every form from how it’s grown, how it’s processed, and how farmers are compensated fairly. The wide array of pastries (your choice of gluten free, vegan) comes courtesy of Bacano, and Ardent Confections. If you’re in the need of food, Kaleidoscope Coffee offers a slate of meat and vegetarian sandwiches, salads, quiches, and the wonderful luxurious brioches from La Fleur de Lyon. For desert, the rich and creamy homemade ice cream from Tara’s Organic Ice Cream will satisfy the sweet tooth. These are all delicious companions to your visit at Kaleidoscope.

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A special aspect of Kaleidoscope, and perhaps one very rare in Richmond, is its open living room space lit by overflowing light from two large windows. Busy workers needing a relaxed but orderly environment will benefit from the desk size tables perfect for spreading work files and laptops. Ample plug in circuits run throughout the cafe to ensure your battery life never diminishes. For a more social work environment, a long communal table and bench is at the center of the study space. Finally, tucked into the back of Kaleidoscope like an oasis is a calm living room where one can roam the bookshelves and sink into the comfortable couches and bean bags. The cafe is evenly lit by natural light and light hanging above. The brick foundation is left bare as it references Point Richmond’s artisanal architecture. White three dimensional triangles are mounted on the walls of the entryway, imitating the beautiful collision of refractions from a kaleidoscope.

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At night, Kaleidoscope Coffee becomes a gathering point for the Richmond. With two open mics and storytelling nights on Tuesdays and Thursdays, artists, musicians, writers, performers, storytellers, and arts lovers flock to the cafe. In addition, on Sundays the cafe has jazz, while special musical and public conversation events are planned for Friday and Saturday. It’s here where Kaleidoscope Coffee shines in showcasing local artists to its public while patrons can enjoy wine, beer, and food in addition to coffee. The conversation and talent comes alive. It’s an appropriate place to sit and observe or actively participate in the exchange.

As a storytelling cafe, Kaleidoscope Coffee finds a unique energy that can attract a diverse range of people. It’s a genuinely and brilliant new creation in the heart of Point Richmond.


Kaleidoscope Coffee is located at 109 Park Place, Richmond CA. Open Sunday- Thursday 6AM-10PM, and Friday, and Saturday 6AM-11PM.

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