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Chamber opposes Measures C and D

Last March, the Richmond City Council passed an ordinance to enact a ½ percent transactions and use tax (sales tax) to be administered by the State Board of Equalization, subject to approval by the City voters at the June 7, 2011 special election. The City projects the sales tax would raise between $5.5 and 6 million annually if adopted by the voters. Separately, the City passed a resolution seeking a complimentary ballot measure advisory vote asking residents to support the designation of the ½ percent tax revenue towards schools and the poor.

At its core, this is a regressive tax, which, by its definition, imposes a greater burden on those who can least afford the increase. Equally, the increased sales tax places our local small businesses at a competitive price disadvantage when compared to sales taxes imposed by some of our neighbor cities.

While the Chamber has supported, and will continue to support, our local schools and programs for the disadvantaged, we are opposed to any kind of regressive tax that hurts our member businesses and Richmond residents.

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